Since 1998, we have been providing transport of people, luggage, material, goods, including beer casks or laundry, snow-strap vehicles



  • 4x yearlong snow groomer
  • For winter use
  • The snow groomer´s capacity is 15 people

PRICE: od 1 500 Kč

The price is without VAT


  • 3x car on the belts
  • Only in the winter
  • The car’s maximum capacity is 4 people

PRICE: od 800 Kč

The price is without VAT

Order Transport

  • We provide 24 hour service
  • All calls are through the dispatching center
  • We offer the cheapest and best alternative to transport

+420 608 103 039


We provide sightseeing trips around Pec pod Sněžkou with the possibility of photographing natural beauties. We are able to mediate a trip with a culinary experience or the opportunity to try to drive one of our machines. We would also like to arrange your corporate teambulding with the use of our machines not only in Pec pod Snezkou and all year round.

About us

Welcome to the TAXI-PEC website. Since 1998, we have been transporting people, luggage, material and goods (including barrels of beer, laundry, food, etc.) and snow-strap vehicles. Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer quality and convenient transport to Pec pod Sněžkou and its surroundings. We have 4 special Hagglunds BV206 rollers for

year-round use and 3 Dacia Duster cars on the belts. Nowadays we have a transport capacity of 60 people with snow groomer and 12 people with cars. Both types of machines will ensure transport to your destination in warm and dry conditions. Our dispatching center, which operates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, is located in the children’s health facility Růženka in Pec pod Sněžkou.